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Tips On Vocal Training - Voice Lessons Atlanta

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01.03451.06 Tips On Vocal Training 01.23401.06 Voice Lessons AtlantaThis website contains a collection of imaginary conversations between three individuals -- Morya, Mark, and Martin -- on various subjects of interest concerning modern politics, ideal government, spiritual communities, finding the real self, and integrating the higher self with the outer personality. Each individual has a different perspective, representing points of view held by an advanced spiritual teacher, an idealist whose life's work is helping mankind, and a rational pragmatist deeply involved in worldly affairs.

I hope that you enjoy reading the discourses as much as I enjoyed writing them. The style was chosen because it reflects the complexities of the human condition as each of us strives to improve our character and contribute what we can to society and its institutions.

You might also find of interest a series of essays on the inner quality of man:

Martin Lasater, November 2014  

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